Detention Center Policies and Procedures

Bonding Process

     Once bond is set by the Court it can be posted at anytime of the day or night at the Richland County Detention Center.
Bond can be posted with cash, certified check, or credit card. No personal checks are accepted.   
    If posting bond with cash the person posting the cash bond must take the exact amount to the Detention Center.  The Detention Center does not keep cash on hand and is unable to make change.
    If posting bond with a certified check, the check should be made payable to the RICHLAND COUNTY CIRCUIT CLERK.
    Persons may also post bond for a Detainee with any major credit card, although there is an additional fee for this service.  The person posting the credit card bond does not need to be present at the Detention Center to post a bond for a Detainee.
    Persons posting bond for a Detainee will be given a receipt.  Detainees being released from Jail will be given a date for their next appearance in court if applicable.
    Any questions about the bonding process can be directed to the Corrections Staff at the Richland County Detention Center by calling 618-395-7481.   

Court Appearances

Detainees in custody will be taken to court only when the court advises the Correctional Staff to do so, this may or may not be at the time the court has previously scheduled.  The Correctional Staff does not schedule court appearances.  Some Detainees will attend court by way of closed circuit television in the Detention Center.  Detainees taken to the courthouse will be escorted by a Correctional Officer and will not be allowed contact with family or friends.

Detainee / Family Visits

All visitors must present a photo ID to the Correctional Staff if requested.
    Detainees must be in custody for 72 hours before they are allowed a visit.
    Female Detainee visiting hours are each Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM.           
    Male Detainee visiting hours are each Wednesday and Saturday from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM.
    Detainees are allowed one visit each calendar week. The week begins on Sunday.  Each visit will be a minimum of 20 minutes. 
    Persons under the age of 17 will not be allowed to visit with a Detainee unless they are accompanied and in the presence of an adult that meets the requirements of the list below. 
    All visits are on a first come first serve basis. Visiting is a privilege and can be denied for poor behavior.
    No person will be allowed to visit a Detainee unless they are a family member as defined below. 
   Brother / Sister
   Step Parents      
Step Brother / Sister 
Aunt / Uncle
Legal Guardian of Minor Child
 (Only when accompanying the minor child of the Detainee)

Detainee Mail

    All regular mail going to or coming from a Detainee of the Richland County Detention Center will be inspected for contraband and / or inappropriate content.  All mail that is found to contain contraband, inappropriate content, or any item not allowed will be returned to the sender.  No mail will be edited or destroyed. Writing materials and stamps may be purchased by the Detainee from the Jail's commissary.  Detainees may not receive packages, stamps, or photographs by mail.      
To write a Detainee place the Detainee's name on the envelope and mail it to:
211 W. Market Street, Olney, IL 62450.

Detainee Personal Items

Personal  items accepted for Detainees from the free community will be limited to the following, money, legal papers, prescription medication, and medical devices.


Money must be in the form of a money order or cashiers check made payable to the detainee.  Money orders can be accepted through the front door only during the Detainees first 24 hours of incarceration after 24 hours all money orders must be sent through the U.S. mail. Prescription Medication must be in the original Pharmacy container with the proper label attached, and the Detainees name.  All medication that is accepted will be checked to ensure its content before it is dispensed to the detainee.


Those Detainees with money available may purchase items from our Commissary Menu once per week.  The Commissary Menu includes over 200 items such as Drinks, Candy, Snacks, Games, Clothing, and Personal Hygiene items.  Twenty (20) minute prepaid calling cards may be purchased one time each day by the Detainees in custody, each calling card cost $10.00 and can be used for 15 minutes.  Calling cards purchased outside the Jail by family or friends will not be accepted and will not work with the Detainee phone system in the Jail.

Communication with Detainees

  The Correctional Staff will not deliver messages to a Detainee in custody unless it is an emergency.  Communications between Detainees within the Jail is not allowed.  Anyone wishing to communicate with a Detainee can do so by the U.S. Mail.

Persons Sentenced to the Illinois Department of Corrections

All Adult Male Detainees that are sentenced by the court to serve time in the
Illinois Department of Corrections will be transported to:
Graham Correctional Facility
R.R. 1 Highway 185
Hillsboro, IL. 62049

All Adult Female Detainees that are sentenced by the court to serve time in the
Illinois Department of Corrections will be transported to:
Dwight Correctional Facility
23813 E. 3200 North Road
Dwight, IL. 60420

All Detainees transported to the Illinois Department of Correction
will only be allowed to take the following items with them.

Commissary money on their account
Legal Papers
Eye glasses / False teeth
Prescription Medication
Personal Addresses and Phone Numbers

If you wish to find more information on a family member or friend who is in the custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections.  You can click on the link below then click on the Inmate Search tab on the left side of IDOC's home page. 


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